We offer pruning services done to the highest industry standards. Our recommendations for pruning are based on research-based science and our own experience with local weather and climate conditions. 

Tree Risk Assessment


In Oklahoma, weather events are a way of life. Our Tree Risk Assessment Qualified arborists can discuss options with you to determine the best course of action for keeping your home and property safe. 

Consulting Arborist


Our arborists provide ethical and objective information to clients about the value and care of their trees. We pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with the latest in tree appraisal and care.  

Removals and Stump Grinding


Sometimes a tree isn't planted in the right spot or has failed to thrive. In the event that a tree must be removed, we are trained in safely removing trees and grinding the stump to give you a fresh start.  

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment


Having a plant health care plan is important to assure the health of your trees. Trees are some of the most long-lived organisms on the planet and we consider it our responsibility and privilege to care for them. 

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Tree cabling and Bracing/Lightning Protection Systems


Sometimes mother nature needs a little help. tree cabling and bracing systems can provide additional support for limbs and lightning protection can help protect the longevity of valuable or special trees. Please note-these systems must be inspected annually by an arborist.